ProPrep Razor Scrapers by Pacific Handy Cutter  

ProPrep Razor ScrapersPacific Handy Cutter has longstanding roots dating back to a modest workshop in the San Gabriel Valley in 1950. The original product called Handy Cutter was a flat box cutter that ultimately launched a series of successful razor edged products. Imitated over and over again since that day more than sixty years ago, Handy Cutter products have long become a staple to the the food, grocery and industrial hardware industries.

At Down to Earth Products we carry the ProPrep Razor Scraper that many professional and homeowners have identified as a quintessential tool for use in paint removal from wooden structures, windows sills, entry doors, casings and moldings. And through a rather odd series of events we began carrying the Raze Bag Cutter used by grocery industry for the slitting of plastic bags.

The ProPrep scraper by Spectrum Tools was designed to increase sharpening ease, while supporting a hard durable blade to deliver peak performance. Although blades are highly resistant to damage, they are not entirely damage-proof. Avoid striking nails or other protruding objects. Before any stripping project, countersink or remove all nails, screws and other metal objects protruding from the surface.  Longevity With a Continuous Ability to Improve Products For the Customer.


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