Niagara Products by Phoenix Brands  

Niagara ProductsNiagara® products are great general use laundry aids for washing, ironing and wrinkle releasing on hanging or just out of the dryer items. Niagara® products are manufactured by an internationally recognized company, Phoenix Brands, who has achieved superb consumer awareness around the globe. We are offering a compliment of Niagara® products for delivery direct to your door.

Niagara® products are completely customer focused. They work for you to help make everyday life a little easier, friendlier and hassle free. These products are designed to provide you an edge in performance, delivering both quality and dependability that can be counted on time and time again. And with the busy lifestyle that most of us lead Niagara® products deliver a simple time-savings option right to the palm of your hand.

Everyone wants to clean better and more efficiently, and with the quality and dependability of Niagara® you simply can't go wrong.  Experience the notoriety of Niagara® products, because your clothes deserve great care.


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