Natric's Natural Products by Northern Labs  

Natric's Natural ProductsNatrics cleaners redefine the term “natural” in the household cleaner line. By natural we mean the use of ingredients primarily derived from renewable resources like plants and fruits rather than petroleum-derived extracts. It’s also true to many household cleaners can leave behind fumes and residues that could be harmful or irritating to you, your children or family pets. This is where Natric’s can make a difference!

Natric’s Natural Cleaners were tested by an independent laboratory against national brand cleaners. Each one was determined to work as well as the national brand. Tests were performed on a variety of different surfaces for each type of cleaner. The test surfaces were those that you would find in a typical home. Because of this independent testing Natric’s is a name you can trust and rely on.

Natrics natural cleaners contain ingredients derived from natural, renewable resources like Corn, Coconut oils, Salt, Lemon Oil, Lime Oil, Orange Oil, Mineral Salts, Cornstarch, Beet Molasses. This ingredients and many others (too numerous to list here) are then blended into creating very different and effective cleaners for your home and office.


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