Hope's Premium Home Care Polishes, Cremes & Sprays by the Hope Company  

Premium Home Care Polishes, Cremes & SpraysDown to Earth Products is pleased to offer you the truly unique, easy to use, high quality products of Hope’s. This Premium Home Care product line offers products that are free of harsh chemicals to clean and polish most appliances, fixtures, and surfaces in and around your home. All Hope’s products were devised without using the hazardous and unpleasant chemicals normally found in common cleaners. They are sold to you in a formula that is both effective and pleasant to use. Hope’s is free of solvent and ammonia too! These cleaners, polishes and creams were made to give you superior results with little effort.

Many manufacturers instruct their customers to use Hope's exclusively. Hope's products have been recommended by Corian®, Ceran®, Fountainhead®, Formica®, Kitchen Aid®, Kohler®, Sub Zero®, Viking, Wilsonart, and the Cooking Club of America just to name a few. If you’re queasy about what to use on your new high-end surface or appliance give your manufacturer a call. We’re betting they’ll recommend Hope’s. A superior product line like this just doesn’t come along every day.

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Hope's Premium Home Care more

Hope's Brass Polish
Hope's Cooktop Cleaning Cream
Hope's Copper Polish (discontinued 11/2005)  similar to Goddard's Brass & Copper Polish
Hope's CounterTop Polish
Hope's Cultured Marble Polish
(discontinued 12/2012)
Hope's Floor Revive
Hope's Lemon Oil
(discontinued 07/2006)  similar to Parker Bailey Natural Lemon Oil Polish
Hope's Silver Polish
(discontinued 11/2005)  similar to Parker & Bailey Silver Polish
Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner & Polish
rebranded as Hope's Perfect Sink
Hope's Stainless Steel Polish

Hope's Perfect Products more

Hope's Perfect Bathroom (discontinued 2012
)  similar to Simple Green Tub & Tile
Hope's Perfect Carpet (discontinued 2012)  similar to Spot Chomp Pet Odor & Stain Carpet Cleaner
Hope's Perfect Cooktop
Hope's Perfect Countertop
Hope's Perfect Fabric (discontinued 2011)
Hope's Perfect Furniture (discontinued 2012)  similar to Parker Bailey Furniture Cream
Hope's Perfect Glass
Hope's Perfect Glass Eyewear Cleaner

Hope's Perfect Granite
Hope's Perfect Kitchen
Hope's Perfect Pet (discontinued 2012)  similar to De-Solv-it Pet Stain & Odor Remover
Hope's Perfect Sink previously known as Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner & Polish (updated formula)
Hope's Perfect Stainless

Other Hope's Items more

Hope's 100% Tung Oil

An alternative to ordinary cleaners and polishes like this comes along very infrequently. Unlike common knockoff products, the Premium Home Care line of Hope's has been tested and recommended by quality manufacturers of countertops, kitchen sinks and appliances. With Hope's products, cleaning and polishing can be a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. Whether its marble, stainless steel or even Corian®, if you’re uncertain what to use there’s always Hope.


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