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  Frequently Asked Questions about Hope's 100% Tung Oil
  Item: Hope's 100% Tung Oil  
  Size: 16oz  
  Stock # 16TO12  
  Case Pack: 12  
  UPC Code: 0-26214-02001-6  
  Quick Product Directions  

First, read the entire label, and test this product on a small, hidden area to be sure it does what you expect.

Use on unfinished or bare wood, and surfaces where the old finish has been removed so that the oil can penetrate.

Hope's is pure 100% Tung Oil. It is not "thinned", contains NO petroleum distillates. On small projects it can be used as it comes from the container, however, when working on a large surface or in high humidity areas, you should thin this product with an equal amount of mineral spirits such as paint thinner.

With a soft cloth, rub in Hope's 100% Tung Oil. After applying, immediately wipe away any excess oil. Check later and if any oil has "seeped up", again wipe away the excess. (Note: Always wipe away as much oil as possible before allowing to dry.) When applying more than one coat, allow each coat to dry thoroughly and always buff with fine steel wool between coats.


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  Hope's 100% Tung Oil  

Hope's 100% Tung OilFor a Hand Rubbed Low Gloss Finish:
Tung oil is an exotic, naturally drying oil imported from South America and China. It is recognized by craftsmen to be the ultimate drying oil for all fine woods, furniture and antiques. Unlike other finishes that sit on the wood’s surface, Tung oil penetrates deep into wood fibers, cures, and actually becomes part of the wood. It forms a low gloss hand rubbed finish that’s not only beautiful, but remarkably durable. Resistance to moisture and alcoholic drinks is truly amazing!

Benefits of 100% Tung Oil:
A hard, beautiful hand-rubbed finish. No sanding, no brush marks, runs or streaks, water & alcohol resistant. Rubs In like an oil, dries hard like a varnish!

Where to Use:
Since Tung Oil works by penetrating the wood’s surface; it must be used on unfinished or bare woods and surfaces where the old finish has been removed.

What Makes Hope’s 100% Tung Oil Superior:
Beware of other products bearing the words Tung Oil. The majority of products sold as Tung Oil Finishes are NOT pure Tung Oil at all. Many are actually varnishes that contain as much as 75% thinner. Read the label, and if it contains petroleum distillates it’s NOT pure Tung Oil. Insist on Hope’s 100% Tung Oil, it is neither thinned nor diluted… it is pure 100% Tung Oil.

When Using the Product:
Do not apply 100% Tung Oil over an existing finish, nor over wax, polish or grease. All of these must first be removed because the oil must penetrate into the wood. Just follow the simple label directions.

What Others are Doing:
Some folks apply Hope’s Tung Oil full strength, but we recommend that you thin it. This will give you greater coverage and help the oil penetrate. We find the ideal way is to thin it… half Tung Oil and half Paint Thinner.

How to Apply:
You can apply as many coats as the wood will absorb. This may be one coat or it may take many coats. Always wipe away all oil that does not penetrate. Remember, you want the oil in the wood, not on the surface! Allow each coat to dry thoroughly and buff with fine steel wood between coats. Drying time will vary depending on the wood, the temperature, and the humidity. It is best to work in a warm dry area.

What Not to Do:
Don’t leave excess oil on the surface to dry! Always rub away all excess. And if you intend to stain, do not use a sealer stain, as Tung Oil will not penetrate through the sealer.


Instant, Brushless Finish Coat. It's Natures Drying Oil for All Fine Woods, Furniture and Antiques!

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