De-Solv-it Products by Orange-Sol  

De-Solv-it ProductsDe-Solv-it solves the age old problem of offering a safer alternative to acetone, paint thinners and other traditional solvents. This non-hazardous, non-corrosive formula makes it both a wiser and smarter choice in solvent selection. Dating back to the early 20th Century when dental impression cement was one of the toughest substances to remove, research and development led to the eventual formulation of Orange Solvent cleaners. This became the humble beginnings of the Citrus Cleaning Technology of today. Nearly forty years later the makers of ORANGE-SOL and De-Solv-it emerged, with an improved and safer citrus formulation. These were products developed to tackle many problems like chewing gum, tar, oil, adhesives and wax.

Over three hundred cleaning products were proposed to help cleanup the Alaskan Oil Spill at Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989. Many of these products were more toxic than the spill itself. ORANGE-SOL was invited to present De-Solv-it for consideration. Impressive and thorough test results with skin, eyes, muscle tissue, ingestion, and inhalation, mixed with unmatched removal effectiveness, helped De-Solv-it become the choice solvent for use on boats, equipment, and over 12,000 workers at the Alaskan Oil Spill. De-Solv-It is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, safer choice to acetone, paint thinners, and other traditional solvents. Available in Original Citrus, Mechanics and a Contractors Solvent grade. With all this success, why not keep a bottle on hand!

Blind Brite by Orange-SOL paper and pencil

Blind Brite Blind Cleaner product discontinued in 2015.
Blind Brite Wood Blind Cleaner
product discontinued in 2015.

De-Solv-it products MOM approved
paper and pencil

De-Solv-It APC & Orange Powered Degreaser
De-Solv-It Citrus Solution
De-Solv-It CONTRACTORS Solvent

De-Solv-It Icky Sticky Stuff Remover
De-Solv-it Mechanics Solvent

De-Solv-it Laundry Saver
formally known as De-Solv-it Plus.
De-Solv-it Prewash Booster
product discontinued in 2010.
De-Solv-It Stainless Steel Cleaner

Pet Clean by Orange-Sol
paper and pencil

Pet Clean Shampoo
Pet Clean Pet Stain Cleaner & Odor Eliminato

Medi-Sol Skin
paper and pencil

Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover

Once you've experienced the exceptional performance and safety behind De-Solv-it you'll wonder how you've ever lived without it!


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