A-MAZ Household Products by Geil Enterprieses


A-MAZ Household ProductsThe A-MAZ™ line consists of many products: A-MAZ water stain remover, A-MAZ Ultra Gloss Silicone Sealant with Carnuba, A-MAZ Glass & Mirror cleaner with a 360 degree spray feature (so you can spray at any angle; even upside down), The Gripper (a 3 x 6 fibrous scrubbing pad with handle attachment), A-MAZ All Purpose Cleaner, A-MAZ Auto Cleaner and A-MAZ Auto Finish.

Founded by consumers just like you looking for quality cleaning products, Geil Enterprises acquired the A-MAZ product line and soon the transformation began. A-MAZ quickly became a household name known as providing products to the community that worked, were generally safe to use and would be more respectful and friendly to the environment. A-MAZ is a green company, continually striving to Go More Green Everyday!

A-MAZ serious water stain remover has been manufactured for more than 15 years.
This pale green gooey paste is designed to remove water stains almost instantly, from surfaces of natural glass, metal or ceramic tile and can be used on most any surface that would not be harmed by use of a mild abrasive formula:

A-Maz Removers & Sealant notepad

A-Maz Water Stain Remover
A-Maz Ultra Gloss Sealant

A-Maz Accessories toolbox

A-Maz Scrub Pad
A-Maz The Gripper handle + 3 scrub pads
A-Maz Microfiber Towel

Projects paper and pencil

Real Life Test of A-Maz Water Stain Remover

Simply stated, A-MAZ™ is well positioned to meet ever increasing green standards.
Cleaning? Get serious! Buy A-MAZ™ today or at least take a moment to read our product information pages above, and judge for yourself.


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